300.00 1,250.00 

  • +100,000 channels and VOD
  • 4K, FHD/HEVC, HD and SD quality
  • 1 day catch-up
  • Refund option
  • 99% Stable
  • 1 connection
  • Panel with tickets system


After ordering a Premium reseller account, you receive the link to the Panel just for the first time, with your username and password which you can change later. The panel is accessible via any browser either on your computer or on your smartphone.

On your Reseller Panel dashboard you will find the number of credits ordered that you can use to create accounts for your customers. Here’s how you can use your credits:

  • 1 credit = 12 months
  • 0.5 credit = 6 months
  • 0.25 credit = 3 months
  • 0.1 credit = 1 month
  • 0 credit = free trail for 2 hours

* 10 credits = 10 12-month accounts / 20 6-month accounts / 40 3-month accounts / 100 1-month accounts.

* 24 hour testing are not available on this server.

* “Refund” option allows you to delete an account and recover the remaining credits in your Panel. For the new accounts, you have 24h to recover all your credits.

* Ticket system is available to report problems to the technical team.

* Note that there is no expiration date for the credits you have left in your account and you are able to keep your account (Panel) forever even if there are no more credits left.

Your Panel or credits is activated in 1 hour on average and 8 hours max.

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10 Credits, 20 Credits, 30 Credits, 40 Credits, 50 Credits

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